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How to Use Your How to use the EZ Mobile Email app with your mobile phone Personal or Business Email Address with Your Cell Phone

Of course, you can use the email program provided with your cell phone; however, many users prefer using our The EZ Mobile Email app is a slimmed-down version of the EZ WebMail app Webmail or Mobile Email systems. The Mobile Email interface is a "slimmed-down" version of our Webmail email systen specifically designed to facilitate use on your cell phone. Like Webmail, Mobile Email is an internet-based email system that you can access from an internet browser on your cell phone. NOTE: If you prefer, you can use the full Webmail interface using your cell phone by logging in at email.YourDomainName.

Essentially, the The EZ Mobile Email app simplifies managing your email on your cell phone Mobile Email system provides a simple way of managing email from your cell phone. Mobile Email allows you to access your email messages using any cell phone that is connected to the internet from anywhere via any cellular provider.

You access Here's how to access your EZ Mobile Email app Mobile Email using the internet browser in your cell phone. Go to this web address:
        mobilemail.YourDomainName OR mobilemail.secureserver.net
For example, if your domain name is "myname.com", the web address for accessing your email via a cell phone is
        mobilemail.myname.com or moblielmail.secureserver.net
        You then login using your email address and password.

Mobile Email login page   Mobile Email inbox   Mobile Email system and personal folders page

IMPORTANT: You can use both the standard email program provided with your cell phone and our Use the EZ Mobile Email app or the email program provided with your cell phone; or use both. Webmail or Mobile Email systems.

Use the following link for additional information on managing your email using the Link to more information on using your cell phone with the EZ Mobile Email app Mobile Email interface.

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